All the Rules and Regulations below are a complemented to IVAO Rules and Regulations

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1. Treat ALL members with RESPECT

2. DO NOT send direct messages to any member or staff unless you have permission from that person.

3. No harassment of any sort

4. No political or religion topics on any channel

5. NO music can be heard on ATC communications while operating our Fleet or as a controller

6. No trolling or demeaning of any sort

7. There is NO place for piracy on our Airline

8. Strictly PROHIBITED to offer private training outside our Official Channels to any member with or without revenue. 

9. All non intended operational infractions should be reported via PIREP. This is specially helpful to apply Evidence based training (EBT) as an assessment method based on operational data.   

10. A Pilot´s operational Infraction without a PIREP with a verbal or written report from either IVAO Staff or VA Staff will have consequences. Please read Rule 9 for the proper procedure. 


1. All operations must use the Callsign COFFEE.  On Flight Plan ITEM 18:   OPR/LTN CS/COFFEE

2. Active pilots of the VA should comply with the requirements for every aircraft intended to be operated. 

3. There is no obligation on flying on a daily basis, but inactive pilots will eventually loose their hours after a prolonged period of time.

4. The VA Should remain with an ACTIVE status complying with the minimum operations required by IVAO. 

5. Flights with more than one (1) company aircraft with the same route filed within the same hour are permitted with coordination between the two aircrafts using Discord Official Server to maintain proper separation. 

6. As stated in Rule 9 and 10 ALL OPERATIONALS INFRACTIONS should be reported. The report should be done maximum 2hrs after the disconnection.

7. Each Aircraft has its own POH. The pilot must search for the equivalent POH online and gain sufficient knowledge to perform a safe flight. 

8. The pilot should always have ALL AVAILABLE charts of the corresponding Departure, Arrival and alternate airports filed. 

9. To prevent language barriers the pilot should only use English if he has an operational proficiency to perform a safe flight. 

10. If the Pilot DO NOT have English minimum OPERATIONAL Proficiency he should only operate on countries compatible with his native language.